ponedeljek, 01. september 2014

*** FITNESS MOTIVATION - part 2 ***

Hello girls!
So, it´s that time of the week again...it´s fitness motivation time! If you haven´t seen part 1 you can read all about it HERE. I have started this series since I am the one person who can´t stay motivated for more than a week (hell, I am eating cookies while writing this!) and I have found some tips that help me sometimes (well, as you can see, they are not 100% effective...but, if your will powers is any stronger than mine, you are good ;)). If you have any tips, please share them with me..I would love to read them! :)

petek, 29. avgust 2014

** Day to night - Playsuit ***

Hi girls!
So,  as I have stated many times, I truly hate the summer we´ve had this year (and yes, I am speaking in the past since I doubt a couple of weeks can make up for all the bad weather)...I never know what to wear. If I put on something short and summery it is perfect for a couple of hours in the morning and by the time noon comes around I am freezing my a** off..whereas, if I put on a simple black shirt and some jeans I feel like autumn is here + I´m boiling before the day comes to an end. Well, I have found the perfect solution...if you wanna know what I am talking about - keep scrolling! :)

torek, 26. avgust 2014

*** SKINCARE 101 - FACE part 3 ***

Hello beautiful!
I hope you are having a great morning and the weather is not bringing you down.
So, we have finally come to part 3 (you can read about part 1 by clicking HERE and part 2 by clicking HERE) of my skincare 101, face care...I told you I like to babble a lot! Can you imagine how long this article was at the beginning, when all 3 parts were joined? :D
Well, now I am leaving the decision making to you, what part of SKINCARE 101 would you like to read about next?
Also, I have just posted (a day or two ago) my new favourite face mask I have discovered, on my Facebook page - don´t forget to follow me there so you can hear all about my newest founds the second I try them out!


petek, 22. avgust 2014

*** FITNESS MOTIVATION - part 1 ***

Hello pretty!
So, after my first fitness post (which you can read HERE) I kept getting questions about how I stay motivated. Now, since I think I am the worst person to have high motivation for a long period of time, I think that makes me the perfect person to tell you how I go through my lazy days and how I motivate myself. Now, I am not saying this works ALL THE TIME, but it does at most times and I think that is better than nothing.

torek, 19. avgust 2014

*** SKINCARE 101 - FACE part 2 ***

Hi, gorgeous!
So, you probably know by now, what happened with my SKINCARE 101 - FACE (If you didn´t read the 1st part you can CLICK HERE to read it.), so instead of me babbling like always I will just go straight to the point...Today´s article will be all about the importance of peeling and sunscreen. Hope you like it!

Stay tuned for part 3/3, where I will talk all about moisturizers, anti-spot treatments and some random products I use.

sobota, 16. avgust 2014

*** A rockstar in PINK ***

 Hi pretty girls!
So, as you all know..it has been raining like crazy this ˝summer˝ and I HATE it. I bought soooo many coloured items at the beginning of this season and I couldn´t wear them due to the cold. Well, we finally saw some sun yesterday evening so I put on my gorgeous PINK jumpsuit and my black/rose gold sandals and ran outside as fast as I could..but since it was still quite cold I added a black faux leather croped jacket that really pulled the look together and kept me warm in the chilly sunset. I am in LOVE with my new bracelet since it goes PERFECT with my rose gold Lencia watch that my boyfriend gave me and it gives a chick, elegant look to every outfit. To keep my eyes protected from the last sun rays of the day I added my new favourite
(piece of art) ˝Prada look-a-like˝ sunnies which you can get at a fraction of the original price! :) (If you´re anything like me, you probably brake all of your glasses before the next summer OR you have millions of them and just want a pair of new ones for some variety.)

If you wanna see more, keep scrolling! :)

sreda, 13. avgust 2014

*** SKIN CARE 101 - FACE part 1 ***

 Hi girls!
I think this is officially my first all English article so...if you see any mistakes..bare with me! :P
So today I´m going to start a new series on my blog - SKINCARE 101...I think it´s important to start with the face since that is the first impression you get from a person and a clear, beautiful skin always reflects a healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook on life :)

You probably know me by now and know I like to babble quite a lot...and that is why I had to section this article in to several parts...In the first one I would like to talk about my skin and what I use to cleanse it. ENJOY!

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