Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Products I can´t Live Without - ENG ONLY

Hello dolls!
It was highly requested for me to write this post so here it is. These are my favorite skincare products I can´t live without. Once I get to Nova Gorica I will film a video answering all your acne-prone skin related question (including my Roaccutan experience), but for now I will only tell you about these products. I have tried many products, but after searching for a long time I found out there are only a couple of brands that can actually help acne-prone skin. I talked about La Roche Posay before and it is still in my top 5 brands you should try, however my skin got really sensitive and it gets dry sometimes and I found out those product are a bit to harsh for me nowawdays.

Before I start let me just state this review is not sponsored in any way and everything I say is 100% my opinion.

NIVEA 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water
I will start with my newest addition to my skincare routine. I think cleansing is the most important part in a skincare routine since it can (by itself) remove a lot of oil buildup and dirt from our everyday like. I use this Micellar Water to finish my cleansing routine. I have at least 3 steps every day. In the first I use the Paula´s choice product (I will talk about it in a minute), then I use an oil-based cleanser with my Olaz Regenerist Face Brush (which I think you should seriously invest in, since it does wonders to your skin and is a fraction of the Clarisonic´s face brush price) and I finish my routine with this Micellar Cleansing Water. I have tried a few Micellar Cleansing Waters before, but never really got the hype, since I did not see any special effects. I notice this brush really does take off whatever you have left on your skin (which is more than what you would think - and I cleanse my face twice before using it). It is great for all skin types and what I find most important - it is alcohol free. You should stay away from anything that has alcohol in it if you are fighting with those red marks left from your previous acne. You can get this product in your local drugstore and it is currently on sale in DM.

I have talked about this brand before and it is still my second favorite brand - ever. I love their peeling (you can read my previous post and watch a tutorial on how you should use it if you follow this link ---> Soraya So Pretty peeling (the post is in Slovene)) and their BB/CC creams are really being hyped right now. The two products I love (besides the peeling and their face creams) and have been using religiously are their Care & Control Tonic and their Care & Control face mask. The tonic really hydrates the skin and calms it down after all that cleansing and it prepares the skin for what you will be applying next. I never put much thought into my tonics and I even rarely used them. That is until I have tried this one. I was sent the first one for by the company, but purchased my second one just a week or so ago - and I am sure I will keep repurchasing it. Again, this product is alcohol free and thus it does not irritate your acne.
The second product I want to mention here is their Care & Control face mask which I have just tried out for the first time a couple of days ago and I have to say this is the first mask I have ever tried that fights acne and is really calming at the same time. Your face will feel as soft as a baby´s bottom and your acne will look smaller and not as visible (you will be less likely to notice the red color on your face). 

You can get the tonic here: Care & Control Tonic
And the face mask here: Care & Control Face Mask

L´oreal Paris Gentle eyes and lips make-up remover 
You might have noticed I skipped all of the Paula´s Choice products and that is because I want to save the best for last. Now, I never was a cleanse your eyes with a different product than the rest of your face kind of girl and that was mainly because LRP Effeclar Foaming Cleanser took off all of my makeup in just one try. I have just recently started using this product and I already own two - one for Nova Gorica and one for Maribor. I have to say I am already running low on the second one. This product is great for gently removing your eye makeup. I soak two cotton pads (the ones you see in the picture are my all time favorite since you really need to use the smallest amount of product to get it soaked) with product and place them on my eyes. I wait for a couple of second and then just swipe of the product. If there is any left (which there rarely is) I just use the other side of the pads and take off the rest. I bought this product in DM and am quite positive you can get it in your local drugstore

Paula´s Choice
The best for last. I can´t say enough good things about this company and I have already got my mom and some of my friend hooked on their products. As you know I have been struggling with acne my entire life and even had to resort to Roaccutan - a treatment know for having awful side effect that can damage your health. I got my acne back a couple of months ago after I stopped taking my birth-control pill (if you want, I can make a whole blog post about why I did it and why I think it is best to stay away from it). This time it was like I never did the Roaccutan treatment at all. I thought I would have to go and do it again. I refused to go out of the house without any makeup on and I even canceled my invitations to some blog events because I was too embarrassed. Trust me, I know how it feels. And then I tried a brand to which I will be forever thankful. Paula´s Choice. I think the number 1 product that saved my skin was/is the 2% BHA Liquid. From the beginning I applied this product 2 times a day and now I just apply it once a day. If I see any active acne I use their AHA exfoliate since it really drys up my acne fast and I sometimes use my LRP Effeclar Duo + cream over it to speed the process up. I have heard many times that this product only works for a week or two and then leaves the skin as it is. That is true. But only because people start adding other products to their routine that make the skin worse. It is like if you were working out and then after every workout went to McDonald's. You would be stuck where you are and you wouldn´t loose weight.
Now that I got that rant out of the way. I think Paula´s Choice product give me the results that my Roaccutan treatment did, without all the side effects. Next to their exfoliants I also use their Clear Pore Normalizing Cleanser which is effective enough to remove all the oil off my face while still gentle enough to be used even twice, or more times a day. Their Skin Balancing Ultra Sheer Daily Defense moisturizer with SPF 30 is great for getting in your moisturizer and SPF for the day (which you 100% need if you are using ANY KIND of acid on your face), however it can be a bit drying so I try to alternate between using this product (when I feel like my skin is a bit too greasy) and a moisturizer for dry skin and a sun screen protector (when my skin is feeling dry). The company tries to help their costumers and they even have their own Youtube channel where they do live chats and try to answer peoples questions about skin as well as recommendations. I think the company really cares about their costumers when they actually look what is good for you and even offers you some other brand´s products...and up to now I have only got that from Soraya (which suggested I should try Paula´s Choice) and them. They also have a beauty site/blog where they review high-end cosmetics and skincare and their are actually honest. They say when a product is the best on the market and they even tell you about the negative sides of their product.
If I could only use one brand for the rest of my life it would 100% be Paula´s Choice.

Yes, I know their products are a bit on the pricier side, but trust me when I say this. They are worth it. My skin is now the clearest it has been in the last 1/2 a year and it just keeps getting better..day by day.
And please, before you start judging any product make sure you are not using something that is combating the products that are trying to help your skin.

You can buy Paula´s Choice products here: http://www.paulaschoice.si/
(I will not list any in particular since I believe they are all great.)
You can watch their live chats here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PaulasChoiceBeauty
You can read their reviews here: http://www.paulaschoice.com/beautypedia/
They also made a list of ingredients in Slovene and what they do and you can read all about it here:

So far I have received many questions about how to get rid of blackheads; did I like my Roaccutan treatment; what concealer is the best for covering up acne etc. and I will answer them in a future post/video. Please leave any questions you may have bellow and I will try to answer them as soon as possible.
I hope you found this post helpful and if you want any more tips on how to get clear skin, make sure you let me know.

Love you,

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Melvita - Face Massage

Hi girls!
As you know, some of us Slovenian beauty bloggers were invited to an event a couple of weeks ago (you can read my first article about the event here: Melvita) and there we got the opportunity to schedule a face massage. I had mine about a week ago and here are my thoughts.
The first thing Polona (the girl who did my massage) did was she evaluated the moisture in my skin. I have to say I was impressed since I barely got any sleep that day and drank less than a liter of water. After that I talked to her about my skincare routine and we talked about skin types. She took of my makeup with Melvita face milk, applied some skincare and then the massage began. I have to say Polona has the softest and most calming hands ever! I almost went into a trans (you will be able to see that in the video below)! In that moment I decided from now on I will treat myself to a face massage at least once a month (Do you know any good masseuse in Nova Gorica and/or Maribor?) and I will even invest in a skin-friendly face oil (Melvita has some nice ones!) and try to take at least 10min every day, to treat my skin - I really think everyone should do both of these things since there are so many benefits to doing this! - I was planing to do that since the first time I heard Lisa Eldridge talk about it, but never really got around to doing it since I did not know how to do it. This time I observed Polona and even filmed some of it so I will know for the future. Of course, there is nothing like a professional doing it, but hey (!) it´s worth a try.
After the massage was over Polona applied some more skincare and Melvita BB cream (which, I have to be honest, was not that great for my skin) and that was that. I noticed my skin was glowing and I even looked younger! (I looked like a 16 year old :D)
I thanked Polona, got some samples and exchanged some words and then treated myself to some shopping.

If you wanna see my ˝I look like I´m in a coma˝ face and what Polona was doing click on the video below.
P.S. I wanna thank my boyfriend for being patient and filming the massage while I got to enjoy.

Hej punce!
Kot veste nas je bilo nekaj slovenskih beauty blogerk povabljenih na Melvita dogodek nekaj tednov nazaj (moj prvi članek si lahko prebereš tukaj: Melvita), tam pa smo dobile priložnost, da si rezerviramo termin za masažo obraza.
Jaz sem jo imela cca teden nazaj in tukaj je moje mnenje.
Prva stvar, ki jo je Polona (punca, ki je opravljala masažo) naredila, je bilo ocenjevanje vlažnosti kože. Sama sem bila nad svojimi rezultati impresionirana, saj sem tisto noč komaj da kaj spala poleg tega pa sem v tistem dnevu spila majn kot liter vode. Po meritvi sem ji povedala o svoji rutini za nego obraza, nekaj besed pa je letelo tudi na različne kožne tipe. Polona je nato odstranila moj makeup z Melvita mlekom za obraz, nanesla nekaj izdelkov ter pričela z masažo. Moram povedati, da ima Polona namehkejše in najbolj pomirjajoče roke na svetu! Skoraj sem padla v trans (kar boš lahko videla tudi v videu spodaj)! V tistem trenutku sem se odločila, da si bom od sedaj naprej privoščila vsaj eno masažo obraza mesečno (Veš za kakšno super maserko v Novi Gorici in/ali v Mariboru?) obenem pa si bom privoščila kakšno ne-dražeče olje (Melvita jih ima kar nekaj super!) ter si dnevno privoščila vsaj 10min za razvajanje kože - mislim, da bi si oboje mogla privoščiti zares vsaka ženska, saj je v masaži obraza zares tooliko dobrobiti! Za to sem se odločila, že ko sem 1. slišala Liso Eldridge govoriti o masaži obraza, ampak nikoli nisem zares začela saj nisem zares vedela kako začeti. Tokrat sem opazovala Polono ter celo posnela delčke masaže, tako da bom lahko v prihodnosti vedela kaj in kako. Seveda moje poskušanje ne bo niti blizu rokam profesionalcev ampak hej (!) vredno je poskusiti.
Po masaži je Polona nanesla še nekaj izdelkov med katerimi je bila tudi Melvitina BB kremica (nad katero, če iskreno povem, nisem bila najbolj navdušena za mojo kožo) in to je bilo to. Opazila sem, da je moja koža zares sijala in izgledala sem celo mlajša! (Izgledala sem, kot da imam 16let :D)
Zahvalila sem se Poloni, dobila nekaj vzorčkov in izmenjala nekaj besed, nato pa sem si privoščila malo nakupovanja.

Če si želiš videti moj ˝izgledam kot da sem v komi˝ obraz ter kaj je pravzaprav Polona delala, klikni na video spodaj.
P.S. Zahvaliti pa se želim tudi fantu za potrpežljivost in snemanje masaže, medtem ko sem se sama lahko prepustila užitku.


Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Hi girls!
So I have been getting quite a lot of questions from new bloggers about what advice do I have for them and if I could help them in any way, so I decided to make a blog post concerning this topic. I will only mention 5 things that I would be happy if someone told me when I started blogging and will maybe create some kind of series concerning this topic if you would be interested. Before I begin I have to say I do not consider myself a know-it-all and I am aware I could still improve. I will only talk about the things I´ve learnt and that I found out that work for me. Without further a do, here are the tips.

The one thing I would recommend to ANYONE who wants to grow is create as many social media accounts as possible. I opened my Facebook page about a year-year and a half ago and I have to say the numbers of my readers increased soo much! You can communicate with your readers on your social media account and find out what they want to read about, what inspires them etc. Be sure to post regularly on your social media since (at least Facebook does this) people do not see your page on their News Feed all the time (your post is only there for a couple of seconds after you post it), even if they liked it so you have got to make sure to post regularly, so they know they will always find something new when they visit your page.

I don´t know how many times I started to write a blog post about something I was not so passionate about, just because I saw that is what gets a lot of interest from the readers. Please, don´t do that and write about what you are interested in. There is only one Blonde Salad in the world and there is only one Vivianna Does Makeup. Do not copy anyone else since it will  show in the quality of your writing. The readers will notice you are not giving your all and you will soon lose all your passion for writing. Just don´t do it. Try to write about what you are passionate about and put your own little twist on it. If you like making reviews, but know that reviewing just one product is boring try and review them in categories. Like; Best skincare for acne-prone skin. You can cover many items and review them all in one post and you will give your readers what they came for, instead of teasing them with a new review every week.

Now, I know this is probably an obvious one to most people, but it wasn´t to me. When I was choosing a font I was looking at what was pretty and did not actually give that much attention to the fact that some people may have a different device or have problems with their sight. Choose a font that is easy to read and is a standard one (like Times New Roman, for example). I suggest a white background with black letters, since it is easiest to read for most people. Stay away from black backgrounds and bright fonts since the readers can get a headache after reading just the first paragraph.
When it comes to language I would say the more the better. I have struggled with this topic for a looong time (I still don´t know if I should film my Youtube videos in ENG or SLO), but have found that combining different languages works the best. It gets you the most readers + no one will have a problem understanding your blog and thus won´t get tired of it after the first article. If you know how to write in Russian, Croatian, Spanish, French etc. add the language to your blog! :) It can only benefit you. And yes, if you are a visual person, like I am, the thought of this may not appeal to you as much since it is not that pretty, but trust me..you get used to it and will soon love it! :)

Another thing I was quite late to create is a Bloglovin´ account. You don´t wanna be like me since Bloglovin´ can really help you with your recognition since it is the easiest way of people finding you. It was created for bloggers and you can really find almost all blogs on there. It is another social media that does all the work for you. Your readers can follow you and/or your blog and get an instant reminder when you add a new post to your blog. It is available as an app, too so you can catch up on all your favorite blogs while you are in line for the bus or bored in class.

Don´t get me wrong it is great if you can stick to a schedule, however, from my personal experience I have found out this can make you quite nervous and it can take all the fun from blogging. You soon start to take your blog as an unpaid job and all you worry about is the fact that you have to post something by a certain date instead of enjoying what you are writing about and giving it your all. Trust me, your readers will appreciate a quality post over quantity any day. Do not put limit to yourself and add stress to your daily life worrying what you have to post next. Write when you feel like it and if there comes a day when you write 5 articles just save some for when you are stuck and have a week or two when you don´t feel like or don´t have the time to, write (trust me, we´ve all been there and done that!).

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful. There are a couple more tips I could talk to you about, but these are, in my opinion, the most important ones. The ones, that will actually make your life easier. At the end of the day all that matters when blogging is that you have fun and enjoy what you are doing. If you are planning to do it for the free products, just ask yourself if all the effort is really worth it for a couple free products
? I encurage whoever has a strong passion for something to just do it. It is a fun way for you to talk about something you love and even if noone reads it...at least you wrote it down somewhere and have it as a tool so you don´t forget something yourself. Please let me know in the comments if this article was helpful in any way and if you would like to read more tips and tricks. If you are a blogger, what are your 5 most important tips you would give to a new blogger? And if you are a reader, what are the 5 things you notice and enjoy about a blog first?


Živjo punce!
Prejela sem kar nekaj vprašanj od novopečenih blogerk glede raznih nasvetov, ki bi jim lahko ponudila, tako da sem se odločila pripraviti članek na to temo. Danes bom omenila zgolj 5 stvari, za katere bi bila tudi sama hvaležna, če bi mi nekdo povedal na začetku, bom pa morda ustvarila kakšno ˝serijo˝ takiš člankov, kjer bi delila svoje znanje z novopečenimi blogerkami. Preden začnem pa naj povem, da se sama nimam za nikakršno profesionalko in se zavedam, da mi lahko svoj blogec tudi izboljšala. Govorila bom le o stvareh, ki sem se jih sama naučila in ki delujejo pri meni. Brez nadaljnjega blebetanja, tukaj so nasveti.


Če bi priporočala samo eno stvar, bi bilo to definitivno ta. Kdorkoli si želi pridobiti na prepoznavnosti naj ustvari toliko računov na socialnih omrežjih, kot je le mogoče. Svojo Facebook stran sem odprla šele kako leto, leto in pol nazaj in moram priznati, da se mi je v tem času branost zelooo povečala! Na socialnih omrežjih lahko komuniciraš s svojimi bralci, spoznaš kaj več o njih, kaj njih zanima in navdušuje itd. Na omrežjih objavljaj redno saj (tako je vsaj pri Facebooku) bralci ne bodo vedno dobili tvoje strani na njihovem News Feedu, saj je post tam le takoj, ko ga objaviš, četudi so všečkali tvojo stran. Zato bodi konsistenten/na, da bodo bralci na tvoji strani lahko vedno našli kaj novega.


Ne štejem več, kolikokrat sem začela pisati o temi, nad katero nisem bila tako navdušena, samo zato, ker sem videla, da tako pridobim kar nekaj pozornosti. Prosim, ne počni tega in piši o stvareh, ki so ti dejansko všeč. Samo ena Blonde Salad je in samo ena Vivianna Does Makeup na svetu. Ne kopiraj drugih, saj se bo to poznalo na kvaliteti tvojega pisanja. Bralci bodo opazili, da ne daješ vsega od sebe, sam/a pa boš kaj kmalu izgubil/a voljo do pisanja. Just don´t do it. Piši o temah, ki te veselijo obenem pa dodaj svoj pridih na zapisano. Če ti je všeč ocenjevanje izdelkov, ampak veš da je branje ocene enega izdelka kar precej dolgočasno, jih poskusi ocenjevati v kategorijah. Kot; Najboljši izdelki za kožo nagnjeno h nepravilnostim. Tako lahko pokriješ veliko izdelkov in daš bralcem, po kar so prišli, namesto, da jih vsak teden dražiš s novo oceno.


Vem, da bo to verjetno očitna točka za večino ljudi ampak zame ni bila. Pri izbiri pisave sem sama iskala nekaj, kar je bilo lepo. Nisem posvečala pozornosti dejstvu, da bodo različni ljudje brali moj blog z različnih napravic obenem pa ima lahko kdo od njih tudi probleme z vidom. Izberi pisavo, ki je enostavna za branje, standardna (npr. Times New Roman). Predlagam belo ozadje z črnimi črkami, saj je to najlažje za branje pri večini ljudeh. Drži se stran od črnih odzadnji z svetlimi pisavami, saj bodo tvoji bralci v nasprotnem že po prvem stavku trpeli zaradi glavobola.
Ko pride do jezika sama menim da je več, več. Sama v jeziku vidim največji problem (še vedno ne vem, ali naj svoje Youtube videe snemam v ANG ali SLO), sem pa ugotovila da je kombinacija več jezikov definitivno najboljša. Na ta način pridobiš največ bralcev + nihče ne bo imel problema pri razumevanju in posledično se ne bo utrudil že po prvem članku. Če znaš pisati v Ruščini, Hrvaščini, Španščini, Francoščini itd. dodaj jezik na tvoj blog! :) S tem lahko samo pridobiš. In ja, če si vizualna oseba, kot sem jaz, ti ta misel sprva ne bo ugajala, saj dvo/ali več jezičen blog res ni najlepši, ampak verjemi mi...navadil/a se boš in kmalu boš svoj več-jezični blog vzljubil/a! :)


Še ena stvar, h kateri sem se sama kar pozno priključila je Bloglovin´. Verjemi, nočeš narediti te napake, kot sem jo jaz, saj ti Bloglovin´ lahko prinese kar veliko prepoznavnosti, saj je zares najlažji način, kako te bralci lahko najdejo. Ustvarjen je bil za blogerje in na njem lahko najdeš zares skoraj vsak blog. Je še eno socialno omrežje, ki pa za razliko od drugih zate opravi vse delo. Bralci lahko tebe in/ali tvoj blog spremljajo in tako dobijo takojšnje opozorilo, ko dodaš na svoj blogec nov članek. Na voljo je tudi kot app na telefonu, kar pomeni, da lahko svoje najljubše bloge spremljaš tudi medtem, ko čakaš na autobus ali si zdolgočasen/a v razredu.


Seveda je nekakšen urnik zaželen, vendar ti lahko iz osebnih izkušenj povem, da te lahko urnik kar precej znervira in tako pobere zabavo iz pisanja. Hitro začneš svoj blog obravnavati kot neplačano službo in vse, kar te skrbi je kdaj moraš naslednjič nekaj objavit, namesto, da bi užival/a v tem kar pišeš in dal/a vse od sebe pri objavi. Verjemi, bralci bi vedno izbrali kvaliteto preko kvantitete. Ne omejuj se in ne dodajaj si nepotrebnega stresa v vsakdanje življenje z mislijo na urnik. Piši, ko tako začutiš in če pride dan, ko v nekaj urah spišeš 5 objav jih nekaj samo shrani za tiste dni, ko ne boš dobil/a nobene ideje za pisanje ali pa ne boš imel/a časa (verjemi, vsi smo bili na tem in vsi to delamo!).

Upam, da vam je bil članek všeč in da vam je prišel vsaj malo prav. Še nekaj nasvetov bi lahko našla ampak tokrat sem spregovorila le o tistih, ki so za moje pojme najpomembnejši. Nasveti, ki bodo tvoje življenje dejansko olajšali. Konec dneva je najpomembnejše da pri ustvarjanju uživaš. Če nameravaš ustvariti blog zaradi podarjenih izdelkov, se vprašaj, če je ves trud zares vreden? Sama spodbujam vsakega, ki ima do neke teme zares močno strast k pisanju. Pisanje je zabaven način, kako lahko pišeš o nečem, kar te res veseli, pa tudi če noben ne prebere...si pa vsaj nekam zapisal/a svoje misli in imaš stran, na katero se obrneš, če kaj pozabiš. Prosim, zapiši mi v komentarje, če ti je članek pomagal in če bi rad/a tudi v prihodnosti prebral/a kakšen nasvet. Če si bloger/ka, katerih 5 nasvetov bi ti najprej dala novemu blogerju? In bralci, katerih 5 stvari vi najprej opazite in katere stvari so vam najbolj všeč ob prvem stiku z blogom?